Healing 1 of 3, theme Let go of your sh*t - Burdens, Unhealthy Limits from self & others. This is the first in set of three group energy healings called a Triplet set. Three healings on Jan 6, 8, 10, 2023 where I'll be healing 130 people in 13 countries. Watch one or all three! In addition to awesome theme-related healing & clearing, there will be foundational healing and repair to chakras, aura repair, unblocking grounding. All that helps with stability, releasing stress, and being more present.

This set is now sold out, but anyone including YOU are welcome to watch & heal yourself as you watch. All group healings thru Feb 2023 are sold out now.

March 2023 group healings go up on my site Jan 15 *AT A SPECIAL TIME 1.5HRS LATER THAN USUAL.* Usually they go up at or just after noon PST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST my time but the 15th is also the first healing of the twin set this month so I'll be still doing the healing at that time. *THIS TIME they will go up 1.5hrs later at 1:30pm PST / 3:30pm CST / 4:30pm EST.*

If you want to be added to my news email list so you know right when they go up just email me to let me know janet@janetwrightreadings.com

All 2023 group healing set themes & dates are posted on my site. Anyone is welcome to pay to receive a healing on my session payment page (before they sell out) and/or view upcoming themes & dates through the end of 2023. https://janetwrightreadings.com/pay_for_session.html I'll describe what I'm doing as I heal. Watching is optional of course. I will be healing all pre-paid participants whether or not they watch live, no matter what they are doing at that time.
Now all group healings are live streamed so participants and others can watch live or later as saved video.
Though it can vary by several minutes, live stream start time is roughly -
for US & Canada 10:30am PST / 12:30pm CST / 1:30pm EST
for UK & central Europe 6:30pm GMT / 7:30pm CET
If you are in a country not listed just email me if you'd like me to calculate start time for you. janet@janetwrightreadings.com
Don't worry if you can't watch live. This will be saved to video automatically after the live stream is over.

You'll find info on session dates, themes, and other details about my group energy healing sets on my session payment page. Check out what's coming at https://janetwrightreadings.com/pay_for_session.html


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