(10 Nov 2012) SHOTLIST
1. Pan right from a wide shot of the Rome concert hall to another wide shot of the cupola, floodlights writing "Cinema"
2. Close up of a sign reading "cinema" on the Rome concert hall
3. Medium shot of floodlights
4. Medium shot of Chinese director Feng Xiaogang arriving on the Red Carpet
5. Close up of Marco Mueller, director of the Rome Film Festival entering the Auditorium
6. Wide shot of people on the red carpet
7. Medium shot of Japanese actress Erina Mizuno and Japanese director Takashi Mikee greeting fans and signing autographers
8. Tilt up from a close up of Erina Mizuno's legs while walking on the red carpet, to a close up of the actress walking with Takashi Miike and Hideaki Ito talking with journalists
9. Close up of a girl taking pictures with a smart phone
10. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Hideaki Ito, actor, ROUGH TRANSLATION, "I'm very anxious. No, I'm enjoying".
11. SOUNDBITE (japanese), Erina Mizuno, actress, ROUGH TRANSLATION "we are ok, in order to overtake anxiety we are wearing crow's feathers, symbol of the evil". (showing a bracelet made with crow feathers)
12. SOUNDBITE (Japanese), Takashi Miike, ROUGH TRANSLATION "I'm very nervous and stressed"
13. Wide shot of journalists and cameras along the red carpet waiting for celebrities
14. Medium shot of Erina Mizuno, Takashi Miike and Hideaki Ito with photographers
15. Medium shot of photographers
16. Close up of a red flag reading "Cinema"
Japanese cult director Takashi Miike and actors Hideaki Ito and Erina Mizuno open the 7th edition of Rome Film festival on Friday, greeting their fans from the Red carpet before the screening of the premiere of "Lesson of the evil".
"I'm very nervous and stressed", confessed Takashi.
"We are wearing a bracelet made by crow's feathers, symbol of evil, to get over the stress", said the young Erina Mizuno, who has come to Rome with the cult director to present his last movie.
Based on the novel "Aku no Kyoten" ("Lesson of the Evil") written by Japanese author Yusuke Kishi, the movie tells the story of an high school teacher who becomes a serial killer, knocking off his students.
The teacher, played by the famous Japanese actor Hideaki Ito is a funny guy, beloved by his students, but in reality he is a psychopath, who decides to deal with bullying in the school and to get respect from his students by killing them off one by one.
After the premiere in Rome, the movie will be launched in Japan on November, 10th. "I'm feeling anxious", said Takeshi about the launch in Japan, "If people in Japan won't like the movie, I have asked Marco M�ller to help me to stay in Italy and get a refugee status here".
The Rome Film Festival is in its 7th year and Artistic Director Marco Mueller has proudly announced the festival will have 59 world premieres this year.
Others movies in competition are Roman Coppola's "A Glimpse into the Mind of Charles Swan III," starring Charlie Sheen and Bill Murray, about a rich and famous man who is forced to deal with heartbreak; and "Back to 1942," a movie by Chinese director Feng Xiaogang about the devastating famine of that year in a Chinese province.
Its stars include Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins. Films from 26 countries will be shown.

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