This video introduces you to Mr Hideaki Ito (aka Hide), one of the most popular actors internationally. People who know Hide simply become “his fan” for he has such a charming, likeable personality. Hide looks Eurasian but he is pure Japanese. His face is one of Japan’s handsome faces.
When the film, Sukiyaki Western, was shown in Europe, especially in Italy, the girls/women went nuts over him. They said to Hide, “Where have you been hiding all these times!?”
As a child, Hide had to stay at home due to his kidney disease. He was not allowed to eat anything salty as a result; that means he couldn't taste anything to do with soy sauce. Just imagine living in Japan and not being able to taste soy sauce at all... : o
Hide's mom said that she and her husband were told by Hide's doctor that their son might not survive to his adulthood. Fortunately, the doctor was wrong. When Hide's swollen tonsil was removed, his kidney got better and he recovered.
Today, Hide is completely healthy and finds the love of his life, acting and diving. He’s also going around the world, filming wild animals. Hide says that he loves diving with fish and whales.
In 2014, he was said to be married but actually, he didn't get married, so he is still single.
Best of luck to him in his career and finding his one-and-only!

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