Itagaki Mizuki, the lead actor, will take on the challenge for the first time from "FAKE MOTION -Only One Wish-" currently being broadcast on NTV and others! Appeared in person! We will show you how he's playing against the user!

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A game app is created from the Entertainment Project "FAKE MOTION" where new generation stars gather!
You may be able to play online against Sano Hayato(M!LK), Itagaki Mizuki and others in this card game!??

"FAKE MOTION King of DOBON" is a card game app that allows you to enjoy online multiplayer battles with users nationwide online. (actually worldwide🤭🤗 - read message from translator below👇)
Players participate in events held within the app by setting the characters' cards in the deck and playing the online multiplayer battle of the card game "Dobon".
You can get in-app items and limited cards, aiming for higher ranks at in-app events.
The members appearing in the game app are Sano Hayato, Furukawa Tsuyoshi, Itagaki Mizuki, and others who appeared as the main cast in the season 1 drama "FAKE MOTION -The King of Table Tennis-".

This time, members can also create an account and participate in the game at any time. Lucky players may be able to play against members directly online!??
Discover new aspects of the members through the card collection and various events held within the app! More and more members will be added in the future!

Check out the card games you can enjoy with the gorgeous members and while drama still in broadcast!

※ Official Website :
※ Official Twitter account : @dbn_fm
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- short message from translator -

Hi EBiDAN & J-Drama International Fans!
Actually.. This game is only available at Japan Country, so is it mean.. We, as an International fans, can't play it😢?!

NO!! There's a way😄~~

If you want to install King of DOBON game, click here!
[ only available for Android user only.. Sorry🙏🏻 ]

( if you have a problem when playing it even though you already connected to VPN, so unconnect it! it helps me when i stuck with this situation, so don't worry about it! )

Feel free to ask me if you have any problems when downloading/playing it 🤗

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