From Akira Kurosawa's critically acclaimed film "RAN" (or "Chaos") is the battle scene between Jiro and Saburo. Jiro is Red, and Saburo is Blue.

Hidetora Ichimonji, a powerful though now elderly warlord, decides to divide his kingdom among his three sons: Taro, Jiro, and Saburo. Taro, the eldest, will receive the prestigious First Castle and become leader of the Ichimonji clan, while Jiro and Saburo will be given the Second and Third Castles. Hidetora is to retain the title of Great Lord and Jiro and Saburo are to support Taro.

Hidetora begins to lecture his sons about the importance of unity using three arrows. He selects one arrow out of a quiver and shows how easy it is to snap in half but three arrows bundled together are much more durable. Saburo, however, breaks all three arrows with his knee and calls the lecture foolish. He points out that Hidetora is foolish if he expects his sons to be loyal to him, reminding him that even Hidetora had previously used the most ruthless methods to attain power. Hidetora hears the comments as being subversive, and when his servant Tango comes to Saburo's defense, he exiles both men. Fujimaki, a visiting warlord who had witnessed these events agrees with Saburo's frankness, and invites him to take his daughter's hand in marriage.

Hidetora is exiled after Jiro and Taro expel him from the great castle. In the conflict, one of Jiro's assassins kills Taro leaving him as Great Lord of Ichimonji clan. Hidetora is left to wander and goes mad.

Saburo crosses intpo Jiro's land to look for Hidetora. Jiro and Saburo's forces agree to a truce. When Hidetora's jester arrives to inform Saburo that this father is wandering on the volcanic plain, Saburo leaves. Two rival warlords allied with Saburo take positions on opposite ridges. With Saburo gone, Jiro orders an attack and he sends some assassins to kill Saburo.

Sensing Jiro's treachery, Saburo's gunners have taken position in the woods. Jiro's forces are caught in the open and sustain casualties. The retreat and are halfheartedly pursued by a small cavalry unit. Jiro then orders a counterattack and again comes under fire from Saburo's forces in the woods. A messenger arrives and informs Jiro that his castle is under attack from one of the rival warlords. Having realized that the forces on the ridge are a decoy, Jiro hastily retreats to defend his castle, coming once again under fire from Saburo's gunners. Saburo's forces pursue and then halt.

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