▼How Ninja Appeared in Japan in the First Place▼

While the spies that existed in Japan are often called 忍者 Ninja, they are sometimes referred to as "Shinobi" in some anime scenes.

How are these two names different? The answer is... “They were called differently depending on the time period and region.” However, we are not talking about just these two names; there were actually dozens of ways the ninjas were called.

Asuka (592-710): Shinobi
Nara (710-794): Ukami
Civil war (1467-1615): Kanjya
Edo (1603-1868): Onmitsu
Taisho (1912-1926): Ninjyutsu-sha

REGION (Prefecture):
Aomori: Hayamichi-no-mono
Miyagi: Kuro-habaki-gumi
Yamanashi: Suppa, Mitsu-no-mono
Niigata & Toyama: Noki-saru, Kanshi
Kanagawa: Kusa, Monomi
Kyoto & Nara: Ukami, Dakkou

These are just some examples and there were actually many many more names.

This is because depending on the time period, region, and the client who hired them, the ninja's fashion, jobs, and skill sets were all completely different. If spies in Japan were all called the same and looked the same with the same skills, they basically wouldn’t be hiding at all, right?

The term “Shinobi” has existed since ancient times. But “Ninja” is a rather modern term created to refer to them in general. It is said to have been born around the 1950s, long after the spies were gone.

*The content is based on personal studies and experience
There is no intention of denying other theories and cultural aspects

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