VSupport LLC or Clohub run multiple scams including pretending to be support for Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Office and printer support. Their whole operation is laid bare in this video.

** Because I'm asked so many times why I blur their faces, this is the reason:
YouTube. YouTube is the reason. If I show their faces or names, this channel is automatically flagged as "bullying/harassing" the scammers. Yes, scammers have the right not to be bullied by me showing their faces. If this sounds absurd, please raise this with YouTube who have already threatened my channel with closure if I expose their details again. If you want to see their faces, here is a link to their details - Outside YouTube: https://scammer.info/t/vsupport-clohub-it-services/84363 **

They go by the names of CompTrue, GeeksOfSilicon, CompLoft, ITAssists and a few other names. No doubt, they will change again once this video goes live. Most of their websites and Facebook pages are still live, so there's probably a short lifespan for the following links:

Their business website: https://www.clohubit.com/
Their alias businesses:

Detailed information about VSupport on scammer.info:

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