Do you want to be a successful film composer? Who wrote that powerful Gozilla theme song? In this episode, you will learn how someone achieved her goal in the film music industry.

A new talk show "Creative World" on KXLA channel 44 in greater LA. The new episode will be posted every Saturday (UTC-7). In this episode on the "Creative World", we introduce Libera.

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▶️ 【For details ~ 番組詳細はコチラ】

▶️ 【Today's Guests: Libera, Michiru Oshima ~ リベラ、大島ミチルさん】
Libera, an internationally acclaimed boys choir from London, and Michiru Oshima who is well-known as a composer for Millenium Gozilla movies!

▶️ 【Songs of Libera ~番組内でご紹介したリベラ曲】
Michiru Oshima with Libera – We were There
≫ In paradisum: Music - Ben Robbins、Words – Traditional
≫ America the beautiful: Music - Samuel Ward, Arranged - Robert Prizeman, Words - Katherine Lee Bates

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Seiji Kameda ~ 亀田誠治さん
Akira Senju ~ 千住明さん
Libera ~ リベラ

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