Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!

This week the babes are back in studio! What was your best moment of the last week? Does Joe DeRosa have hair? Sal got asked to host Ric Flair's roast. A crazy War Lord has taken over the world what do you do? SHOUT OUT THE BRONX! Ric Flair's life is INSANE! He was adopted on the black market and even struck by lightning. The babes play ALIVE OR DEAD. Jim Carrey is creating art now. Should the babes get botox?! Botched Plastic Surgery is scary as f. Organ Transplants are interesting. Do your cells have memories? Acquired savant syndrome is one of the strangest mysteries of the human brain. Sal goes castle hopping in Whales. A man airdrops his privates to a full flight of people. A rapper gets arrest and flees on a Jetski. Judge Judy is the queen of the world!! HEY BABE!


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00:00 Intro Babe
2:08 Fresh Cut
5:20 Best Times in Vancouver
7:44 Ric Flair Roast
16:17 Jim Carey the Artist
20:25 Best Moment
22:45 Babes Ads
26:36 Don’t Botox Babe
32:44 Elon Musk Before and After
34:18 Unexplained Transplants
37:48 Ads Babes
39:10 Beautiful Disaster
42:32 Whales Cute Castles
45:46 Surprise PeePee Airdrop
50:46 SpotemGottem
53:00 People’s Court
55:46 Judge Judy Should Do What She Wants
01:00:01 Vanna White Privilege
01:03:57 End Babe

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