This concert was held as a 2-day replacement show for the "LUNA SEA -RELOAD-" Saitama Super Arena concert which had been postponed due to member Shinya's (DRUMS) contraction of COVID-19 in December 2020. This was the first time for the band to return to the stage in roughly 13 months since the tour was postponed in February 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic.

From the first day of the tour, Saturday, March 27, the live performance video of "Uchu no uta: ~Higher and Higher~" was released.
This song was used as the first opening theme for the TV series "Mobile Suit Gundam Origin: The Night Before the Red Comet" which broadcasted in 2019. The song was also included in LUNA SEA's latest album "CROSS," which was produced by the world-renowned Grammy Award-winning music producer Steve Lillywhite.

本公演は、2020年12月にメンバー真矢(DRUMS)の新型コロナウイルス陽性判明により延期となっていた「LUNA SEA –RELOAD-」さいたまスーパーアリーナ2Days振替公演として開催。

その初日である3月27日(土)公演の中から、「宇宙の詩 ~Higher and Higher〜」のライヴパフォーマンス映像を公開。
本楽曲は、2019年に放送されたTVシリーズ『機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN 前夜 赤い彗星』第1弾オープニングテーマにも起用され、グラミー賞を何度も獲得している世界的音楽プロデューサー“スティーヴ・リリーホワイト”を迎え制作された、LUNA SEA最新アルバム「CROSS」にも収録されている。

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