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With the abrupt ending to Shin Godzilla, a creature that showed so much promise for total annihilation, the audience was left with an itch for more. The movie which was made in an unofficial protest towards the slow reaction regarding the Fukushima nuclear disaster, focused again on Godzilla emerging from the ocean to destroy Japan, and this time it was a different take on the kaiju. Shin Godzilla was evolution incarnate, he was supposedly an ancient sea lifeform that was exposed to radiation and radioactive wastes dumped by the US and he kept on evolving until he became the 118.5 meter tall Kaiju.
According to The Art of Shin Godzilla and several other official publications, the fourth form was merely a beginning "baby" and Godzilla would continue to evolve. Future forms and consequences of this have been noted, and it was pointed that extinction on the subcellular scale is necessary to defeat Godzilla and that the blood coagulant was just a temporary measure, something that was easly overcome by Godzilla who was evolution itself. So in this video we will discuss all the 8 forms that Shin Godzilla was theorized to have and by the end, it will leave you shocked as to what he will become. Lets go step by step till we get to the final stage 8.

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