This is the opening theme to Aoi Blink (Blue Blink in English), an anime series by the late Osamu Tezuka, which aired during 1989-1990. The OP theme is named Hitomi no Naka no Mirai (瞳のなかの未来; lit: The Future in Your Eyes), sung by Yoko Minamino (南野陽子). The story follows a young boy named Kakeru who goes in search of his kidnapped father in a fantasy land, accompanied by a magical blue donkey named Blink, a princess named Kirara, a bus driver named Danbou and a pair of bumbling petty thieves named Nicchi and Sacchi.

For a children's anime, the story's theme is surprisingly mature at times, about good and evil and the courage to accept and face the darkness in one's heart.

Japanese kanji lyrics:
あなたが 夢をつかめる世界なら


Follow you, my love
今 その心を焦がすときめき
Follow you, ねぇ
まぶしすぎる 瞳のなかの未来を

English lyrics:
Follow me,
if you can catch the world in your dreams
Do not be afraid,
even if this world is sealed by darkness

The breeze that blows towards the chest is about to journey
Towards the era of your birth

Follow you, my love, just want to feel
That heart which is now racing impatiently
Follow you, hey, just want to see
That strangely shining future in your eyes

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