ADVC55 - High-quality Analog-to-Digital Video Conversion
Use ADVC55 to connect VHS, Hi8 and other analog video equipment to a DV camera, deck or editing system. ADVC55 is a compact and easy to use digital video converter compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers.

ADVC55 is ideal for capturing analog video into FireWire-equipped notebook and desktop editing computers. There are no drivers to install and ADVC55 does not require a power supply when used with a 6-pin DV cable.

Connects to all widely used DV and analog video equipment
Compatible with Windows and Mac OS DV editing systems
Compatible with leading editing and DVD authoring applications including Canopus EDIUS, Canopus Let's EDIT, Sonic Foundry® Vegas®, Final Cut Pro®, Avid Xpress® DV, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Pinnacle Edition, Ulead Media Studio® Pro, and Windows Movie Maker
No need to install drivers or any software applications
Powered by IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connector*
NTSC and PAL compatible

* Using the 4-pin IEEE 1394 connector requires the ADVC55 AC Kit (sold separately)

Broad Compatibility
Broad video equipment and software compatibility ensures ADVC55 provides a long product life and a high return on investment.

Intelligent Input/Output
ADVC55's intelligent usability allows for easy setup and connection in any video environment. Automatic input signal detection and convenient front / back connectors ensure easy setup and operation.

Proven DV Codec Technology
At the heart of ADVC55 is Canopus 's proprietary DV codec chip providing the industry's best picture quality preservation during analog-to-DV conversion.

ADVC55: Specifications
Package Contents:

* ADVC55 unit
* 1 x FireWire cable (6-pin 6-pin)
* User manual

ADVC-PSU5V AC Adaptor Kit*

* 1 x AC power adapter
* 1 x FireWire cable (6-pin 4-pin)

*ADVC-PSU5V Adaptor Kit sold separately.
Note: Use of other power supplies for ADVC55 operation is not recommended and will void warranty.

Technical Specifications:
Video Formats

* NTSC: 720x480 @ 29.97fps
* PAL/SECAM: 720x576 @ 25fps

Audio Formats

* 2-channel 48kHz 16-bit

Digital Video Output

* 1 x 6-pin FireWire (100Mbps)

Analog Video Input

* 1 x S-Video (4-pin miniDIN)
* 1 x composite (RCA)

Analog Audio Input (unbalanced)

* 1 x stereo (RCA)

Power Source

* IEEE 1394 bus powered or DC5V from EIAJ#2 DC jack

Power Usage

* 3.1W

ADVC-PSU5V AC Adaptor Kit* Technical Specifications:
Power Input

* DC5V

Power Supply

* DC5V AC Adapter AC100V/220V

*ADVC-PSU5V Adaptor Kit sold separately.
Note: Use of other power supplies for ADVC55 operation is not recommended and will void warranty.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows PC

* Windows® 2000 (requires Service Pack 3 or higher), Windows® XP Home or Windows® XP Professional (requires Service Pack 1 or higher)
* DirectX 8.0 or higher


* Mac OS X (10.2.7/10.2.8/10.3)

Note: A video capture card or OHCI FireWire connection is required to capture DV.

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