「JABAJA –जबजा–」Announcement Fortune Senbatsu Produce / DEL48

🔥✪ DEL48 - JABAJA (जबजा) ✪🔥
Jabaja is the main song from AKB48 50th single Jabaja

~The Selected Members~ ※Fortune Senbatsu Produce
🏅 Glory (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Eli (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Anvi (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Mithu (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Glitter (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Iqra (DEL48 Trainee)  
🏅 Reyna (DEL48 Trainee) (🎖Center) ★
🏅 Nina (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Manna (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Tina (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Frey (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Coco (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Sasha (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Ashley (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Mishaa (DEL48 Trainee)
🏅 Akki (DEL48 Trainee)

『Fortune Senbatsu - フォーチュン選抜』- DNA48
『운세 선발』 『预测選拔名單公告』『คาดเดาเซมบัตสึ』
AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, IZ*ONE
NGT48, STU48, SDN48, OJS48, SGO48
BNK48, CGM48, JKT48, MNL48, DEL48
AKB48 Team SH, AKB48 Team TP
TPE48, SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, MUB48
CKG48, SHY48, JNR48, MUM48

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